Blue Santa 2016

The FOP is happy to report that Blue Santa & the Magic Show for 2016 was a resounding success!  We knew it would be with all of your help.  70+ children’s Christmas season was made just a little bit brighter Thursday thanks to the blue family coming together to help.  Thank you to every officer (firefighter, jailer, & friends of the Blue) that came out to support this event and shop with the children. Without you, there wouldn’t be a Blue Santa event.



Thank you to Byron Colston with Cops 4 Cops for another year of playing the role of Santa! The kids loved seeing you and we know you love what you do.

Thank you to Tyler Animal Control for handing out stuffed animals to all the children. Follow them on Facebook to see all of the animals in Tyler that you can adopt.


A special thanks to Walmart and all of their employees who assisted in this event during an already busy shopping season!  There were two young ladies blocking traffic from our parking area since 3 p.m. on a very cold day with some very unhappy people upset that they couldn’t park there.  We feel your pain ladies, and Thank You!


Thank you to Criss Hammack and Ryan Jordan for providing photographs to the children of them and Santa, Southside bank for a large donation AND stockings filled with goodies for the children AND the Genesis Group for the large donation and volunteers that assisted with the event!

If you would like to download, see or share any images from the event, they can be found HERE.


If you want to be involved in the planning of Blue Santa for 2017, JOIN US!  You can be a police officer, jailer, friend, family, or business and join the FOP for a very small membership fee per month.  You can even apply online HERE!