What does your donation to the ETFOP fund?

Blue Santa:  Area police officers nominate children that are underprivileged, child victims, and / or witnesses to crimes that they meet in the community to take Christmas shopping with police officers.


Philanthropy: The FOP believes in giving back to these communities because not only do we work here; we live here, we shop here, our children go to school here and we attend the churches here. From paying for a child’s funeral to donating to the local school supply drive, the ETFOP believes in supporting our community.


Officer Benevolent Fund : Seriously ill / injured officers may not be able to pay their bills or feed their children when they are seriously ill and out of work for a time.  The FOP cares for those who willingly put their lives on the line every day for all of us.


Officer Equipment : Smaller departments often can’t afford lifesaving equipment for their officers leaving the officer to purchase this expensive equipment themselves on a very small salary!


Officer Training: Law Enforcement leaders & politicians have a balancing act between budgeting & making the streets safe. Sometimes that means officers won’t or can’t receive the additional training that they need.  Many officers spend their own money & vacation time to continue training, making themselves and the public they serve safer. The ETFOP provides training at no cost to our officers.

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